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About Aksen

About Aksen

Shenzhen Aksen Smart Co.,Ltd is a leading comprehensive luggage enterprise integrating development, design and manufacturing into one. It mainly produces high-quality luggage and travel suitcases, which are popular across the country and we have more than 200 direct sale store, which also entered CR Vanguard, Wal-Mart, RT-Mart, Carrefour,etc. The products are sold to US, Germany, Japan, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Korea ,etc. Most products have applied for patent and thus popular among domestic and foreign consumers.

Group Companies

Shenzhen Aksen Smart Co.,Ltd (R&D/Market/Investment)

Henan Aksen Smart Technology Co.,Ltd (Design/Manufacture/Finishing)

Brand Strength


The group covers an area of 60,000 square meters. More than 600 employees ,of which more than 100 technicians. We have formed a professional R&D team. The annual output amounts to 6,000 tons.The products have been sold throughout the whole nation, and entered more than 30 overseas countries.








Annual Output

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